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Tourism in Sambhal

Sambhal is a small town but has its fair share of tourist spots that one can visit to get an insight into the town’s glorious past and colourful present. Religion weighs heavy in this small town and it is hence thickly laden with mosques and temples aplenty. Some of these monuments are as old as time itself and have stayed the same for several centuries efficiently withstanding the test of time.

The first ever Babri Masjid to have built stands tall in the town of Sambhal, making it a true testament of how the Mughals had a lasting bearing on the shaping up of this small town. Sambhal also has the famous Kalki Vishnu Mandir whose entrance reads “Pracheen Sri Kalki Vishnu Mandir” meaning the ancient Vishnu Temple.

Let’s take a look at these tourist spots in detail.

Manokamna Mandir

This is a very popular temple in Sambhal. The Manokamna Mandir houses the samadhi or the final place of rest of Baba Ram Mani. Baba Ram Mani is considered to be a great saint by the locals and he is said to have cured people of many illnesses and lived the life of a selfless and an extremely kind being. Several legends are associated with Baba Mani such as the stories of how he was capable of being in two places at the same time and is considered by many as being a messenger of God. He is said to have appeared whenever one of his devotees was in need of help and was widely worshipped as a  sadaguru is now visited by hundreds of people from far and wide, on a daily basis, to offer prayers and wish for a boon.

The temple complex also includes a pond that is surrounded by several other small temples such as the Hanuman Mandir, the Ram Sita Mandir and the Deviji Mandir. One can, therefore, visit all these temples at one go.Every year, a big ‘BHANDARA’  takes place at the temple to honour the life and times of Baba Ram Mani where people throng to take part in it. It is held on the 8th of January every year and one can plan their trip to Sambhal accordingly to coincide with this event and take part in the bhandara.
Manokamna Mandir, Manokamna Mandir Marg, Sambhal, Uttar Pradesh 244302

Shri Kalki Vishnu Mandir in Sambhal

Hinduism no doubt has several gods, but three of them are considered as being the main ones, with those being – Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma. Of these, Lord Vishnu is considered as being one of the creators of the world and one who preserves it. He is worshipped in various forms or ‘Avatars’ . All throughout history, Lord Vishnu has donned several incarnations and re-incarnations which is related to the theory of Vishnu’s Dashavataram.

Right from his first avatar  viz. Vaman avatar  and leading up to his last avatar  viz. Buddha, he is said to have walked on Earth during one yuga  (epoch) or the other and brought about deliverance to all the deserving people in the world. It might sound a bit mythical but the belief is still very much rife and Lord Vishnu is still devotedly worshipped, all across the world, as he is said to don his tenth incarnation called ‘Sri Kalki’ avatar very soon.

He will apparently take on this avatar by taking birth in the town of Sambhal and put an end to all the evils of Kalyuga and usher in deliverance. This event is said to have been predicted a very long time back by historical soothsayers and is included in the Hindu epic, Mahabharata . In this avatar, Vishnu is shown to be riding a white horse and wielding a sword in the air in order to effectively wipe out all the evils from this world. This Kalki Vishnu Temple was one of the first ones to be built in India and is a place that houses immense sanctity and great religious significance.
Address :-Manokamna Mandir Marg, Kot, Sambhal, Uttar Pradesh-244302

Ghanta Ghar

From Big Ben to Mecca clock tower, the victorian and Elizabethan style of displaying time has always been a very popular concept. One such clock tower is present in Sambhal that is said to have existed since a very long time. It’s a red and white building with the top hosting the clock on all four faces of the building. Although it has undergone a lot of exterior deterioration, the tower is still a great architectural piece that adds glitz to this small town.